Forget everything you know about taking a cruise.

We did.

Our much anticipated maiden voyage is coming in 2021

Onboard Experience

By downsizing a larger ship, our yacht-inspired design offers a low-density travel experience conducive to an ‘open-air’ healthy lifestyle. With healthy active passengers, germ and virus-free surfaces, slow open air cruising and a full medical and wellness clinic, every day brings a full schedule of active options on our ship. An entire deck dedicated to sports and fitness. The largest functional training and strength conditioning facility at sea. Another entire deck featuring world-class spa and wellness amenities. Even a sea water lap pool with the latest in water sports equipment.

On Shore Experience

Whether it’s hiking, biking, golf or any other adventure or activity you can imagine, Blue World gives you the supervision you need, and the best equipment available. All made possible by our partner companies who will enhance your experience by providing expert instruction. We also overnight in select ports allowing guests to enjoy our destinations at night while sleeping under the stars in open-air residences and cabins. Our guests will arrive on board healthy – and leave even more so!

Introducing The Blue World Residences

40 luxurious one and two-bedroom (split-level) Residences will soon be available for purchase. The ultimate ocean-view properties. Two designs to choose from. Two upper decks exclusively reserved for the Residences, with exclusive private open deck terrace, lounge, bar and concierge service.

For anyone with a healthy, active lifestyle, your ship just came in



Some passengers find a state-of-the-art golf school a lot more fun than a waterslide. To them we say, “welcome aboard.”


If you’re expecting traditional cruise food, hope you won’t be disappointed that we only serve healthy, fresh, sustainable, “may-I-have-another-helping?” cuisine.


Our state of the art spa and wellness facility gives people with active lifestyles a place to actively chill out.


When you go ashore, we can’t promise you a cushy seat on a tour bus. We can promise you the best active experiences using the finest equipment along with expert supervision.



Blue World. Green Ship.

At Blue World, we operate by the principles of sustainable tourism. There are lots of examples. Some big, some small. Some obvious, some less so. As you might expect, we enforce a “nothing overboard” policy — all waste is sorted and incinerated onboard, recycled, or carefully disposed of on shore. Less obvious, we give every passenger refillable water bottles, and purified water refill stations are located throughout our ship.

We aren’t only concerned with what we drink, but also what we eat. Sustainable fish on board, plus organic produce, meats, and poultry. And there are many other things we do to make Blue World Green. Like ensuring our onboard environmental officers provide up-to-date training to all crew to oversee shipboard compliance with environmental requirements. Including tasks as simple as exclusively using environmentally friendly cleaning product