We are designing the healthiest ship at sea — because its part of our health and wellness DNA.

What makes Blue World the “healthiest cruise ship at sea”?

Yacht-Inspired Design

By downsizing a larger ship, we offer a low-density travel experience conducive to an ‘open-air’ healthy lifestyle. Our vessel will look, feel, and operate more like a large luxury yacht than a traditional cruise ship.

Germ and Virus-Free Surfaces

We will be using a new, eco-friendly technology called ‘Premium Purity’. Developed in Denmark, this is a natural substance sprayed each year on all areas of the ship to form virus and germ-free surfaces. These surfaces are then maintained during the year with a natural salt and water solution eliminating the need for harmful cleaning chemicals.

Healthy Active Passengers

Our passengers come to our ship with healthy immune systems, and topics of our lecture series will introduce the latest trends and practices in immunology.

In-Cabin Wellness Amenities

All residences and passenger cabins will be designed to include the best air and water purification systems, circadian lighting, vitamin-c infused showers, aromatherapy, and all-natural materials.

Full Medical Staff

Our onboard Wellness Clinic will include a physician, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, various eastern medicine practitioners, sports-psychologist, personal trainers and exercise professionals.

Slow, Open Air Cruising

A typical 7-night itinerary will include three overnights in port. This will allow all guests to enjoy our destinations at night while sleeping under the stars in open-air residences and cabins.

Fitness-Based On-Board and Shoreside Activities

Every day we offer a full schedule of active options both ashore and on our ship. Our guests will arrive on board healthy – and leave even more so!

Farm to Table Dining

To the highest degree possible, we will provision the ship with fresh food sourced from local farmers markets in our many ports of call.

Healthy Crew

Our crew will be as active as our guests. We will build a beautiful crew exercise facility and many crew members will provide back-up staff for our shoreside active excursions. In addition, all crew will be accommodated in single and double cabins only. When it comes to healthy lifestyles – everyone on our ship is included!

Continuous Online Connectivity

Between voyages with us, all of our residence owners and past passengers will have access to a Blue World smart-phone application that will stream updated content from the ship including: yoga sessions in spectacular locations, lectures, regional cooking demonstrations, and fitness classes from some of your favorite instructors. You may never want to leave the ship, but when you do, we’ve got you covered!