Relax and unwind onboard in a huge hammock

5-Star casual style:
leave the tux at home.

By focusing on people who live healthy active lifestyles, Blue World has re-invented the cruise experience. But there is one other important difference between us and the floating hotels.

We refuse to tolerate something that you will likely find on most other cruise lines: stuffiness.

We’ve replaced the world of formal cruising with what we call 5-Star Casual. That’s our way of saying that you can come to dinner (at our farm-to-table or any of our other signature restaurants) any time you please. And if you’re going to wear a suit and tie or an extravagant gown, we urge you to reconsider. Once you step aboard a Blue World ship, you’ve entered a no dress-to-impress zone. In other words, formal service without the formal attire.  Everything you do here should be what you feel comfortable doing. That includes not tipping or being charged for something new every time you turn around. Or worrying about the price of the amazing fresh food we serve; all dining is included.

Daily housekeeping and butler service

As for service, do expect to feel pampered.

Not just because you’ll be lounging in a spacious luxury cabin with full amenities. But because our staff has been expertly trained to be highly attentive, yet highly unobtrusive. So just be yourself. We’ll take care of the rest.

All that said, we will provide you with nice fluffy bathrobes. Some traditions are worth keeping.