Our Adaptive ReFit™ design integrates the soul of classic cruising with modern yacht-like design for downsized passenger capacity, and the latest in green energy technology to support our sustainable practices.

With Adaptive Refit, Blue World can build in breakthrough technologies that enable more efficient operations, and a longer life for the vessel.

Good as new?
May we be so bold as to say better than new.

How do Blue World passengers and Residence owners benefit from our commitment to sustainably refitting existing ships through our Adaptive ReFit design rather than building new from scratch?

There are a boatload of benefits. Downsizing larger ships allows us to offer a low-density travel experience, creating a yacht-inspired design that features generous spaces and graciously appointed common areas.

We have downsized vessels originally built to carry 1500 passengers to now carry just 500, enabling us to create uncrowded shipboard venues conducive to an ‘open-air’ healthy lifestyle from stem to stern, making them the ‘healthiest ships at sea’.

Our passionate resolve to create the perfect Active Lifestyle Cruising experience attracts passengers and owners who are committed to leading healthier, longer lives. The same could be said of our ships.

Using Adaptive ReFit we are able to give our vessels the features and

breakthrough technologies that enable them to last longer and operate more sustainably.

By refitting existing vessels we can also design in sustainability features many newer ships don’t offer.

Like the latest technological advances in green propulsion. And battery-driven green shore power to reduce emissions while in port. And solid oxide fuel cells that reduce air and noise pollution for passengers as well as coastal residents.

One of the things we’re most proud of, Blue World partners with the International SeaKeepers Society. We support marine science and conservation by utilizing our ships as platforms for oceanographic research, educational outreach, and marine conservation.

Luxury refurbished materials such as rich, yacht-like polished teak decking and other features far too costly to build now.

Our obsession with sustainability will be evident throughout the ship, including Residences and passenger suites that boast the latest air and water purification systems.

Then there’s the unique intangibles.

Luxurious refurbished materials that evoke the soul of cruising.

And the tangible things like no single-use plastics. Farm to Table dining. And our use of sustainable seafood and locally sourced organic meats and produce.

We are 100% committed to

environmentally sustainable ships and tourism

And protecting the natural world and cultural heritage of the places we visit and the seas we sail.

Our goal is to leave zero footprint