Blue World onboard app - access daily activities and scheduling right from your phone

Brian write a good intro headline about our  unique itinerary and the app.

Map showing Blue World 7 day itinerary Lisbon to Malaga

Sample 7 Night, 8 Day Sailing:

Lisbon to Málaga

Days 1 & 2: Lisbon, Portugal (overnight)

Day 3: Setúbal, Portugal

Days 4 & 5: Portimão, Portugal (overnight)

Day 6: Huelva, Spain

Days 7 & 8: Málaga, Spain (overnight)

Copy here about smaller ports, unique experiences, overnighting in port, etc.

Intro copy to onshore activities

Active Excursions:

Hiking, Cycling, Golf, Walking Tours, Sport Fishing, Sunrise/Sunset Yoga, Tennis

Water Sports:

Kayak, Snorkling, Diving, Paddleboards, Water Bikes, Kite Surfing


Cooking Demonstrations, Cultural Walking Tours, Must-See Locations

General Port Info:

Shopping, Dining Suggestions, Walking Routes, Recommended To-See

Intro copy to shipboard activities

Shipboard Activities:

Fitness Classes, Medical Wellness, Sports Performance, Enrichment

ships port schedule - view on your mobile device anywhere onboard
Private, once in a lifetime special events held in amazing locations shoreside

Special Events:

Some copy about how we offer several special events on each voyage.. Gene made a big deal of this.. maybe an example or two.

Huelva Spain & Malaga Spain schedules

More port copy? or something else?.

The BlueWorld App:

Copy about how all scheduling and appointment setting is on the app. as well as your personal schedule and it all syncs to all facilities onboard the ship etc.

iPad showing personalized shipboard schedule