woman relaxing at spa

An entire deck featuring best-in-class wellness and recovery-based authentic spa experiences.

Relax in the spa - a full deck of wellness

Designed and developed by Diane Trieste, former Spa Director at the iconic Canyon Ranch Resort, our world class spa and wellness deck includes all the amenities you would expect to keep you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Not just healthy pampering, but also a complete medical wellness and physical therapy facility.

sauna, steam room, facials, indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, manicures, pedicures, full service salon.

Plus many features that take the spa experience to the next level.

Ocean view solarium.
Therapy pool.
Meditation room.
Mud bath.
Body waxing
and much more.

The aft Therapy Pool at sunset
Massage and treatments are all available

A shipwide fully integrated wellness program like no other at sea