Destinations and activities

Blue World understands that just as important as where you go, is what you do once you’re there.

Destinations - Mountain Biking

We have an advantage over other cruise lines,

because our adventure partners will be providing you with the latest and best equipment for any onshore sport or activity.

Be it biking, hiking, golf, water sports, or simply exploring the hidden waterfalls and spectacular trails nature has to offer. They’ll also be helping us find the best activities in each location, as well as using their expertise to help supervise and make your adventure a memorable one.

And why not turn these excursions into once-in-a-lifetime experiences?

Like a 20K e-cycle into the village of Ikaria, an Agean island “Blue Zone.”

Then a brunch with local elders to discuss their secrets on longevity. Or a two-hour hike to the top of a volcano in Santorini that includes a 15-minute meditation at one of the earth’s active energy fields. Or a yoga session overlooking Mt. Etna at sunrise.

Wellness Everywhere - Yoga at sunset
Destinations in Italy - Street Cafe la dolce vida

Instead of herding you onto a bus, we’ll personally help you interact with the local culture and customs.